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Social Media is Broken.
Kohort is Here to Fix It.

Kohort is a private and secure social network guided by a commitment to ethical technology and social responsibility. It’s designed to foster your most meaningful relationships rather than to push the broadcast model of Big Social where too much gets lost amongst hundreds or thousands of your friends, followers and connections.

Kohort starts with your family — an overlooked group in today’s social media — by providing a safe and simple social platform to share photos, thoughts, and memories. From there it extends to the others that matter most in your real-life social network such as your community groups, school friends, faith groups, and others. Our goal is for Kohort to be the social catalyst, not the end game: we want you to check in, check out and get back to your regularly scheduled day. Because life is meant to be lived offline.

Kohort is in private beta right now. We'll be launching in the Android and iOS app stores in February 2019. In the meantime, please say Or support us on Kickstarter.

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